Things to Consider

Things to Consider

A Deed of Community Conditions which will be passed on to all future owners of 408. This is to reflect the original vision of cooperation, goodwill and neighbourly sharing. This means that even if someone decided to fit their own washing machine in one of the three houses and never used the laundry, or came off the shared heating system and fitted their own independent heating system, the costs for maintaining and replacing the washing machine and the heating and hot water system will always be split three ways. Heating and hot water is calculated for actual usage, but maintenance and replacement of parts etc is split three ways equally.

In the existing title deeds there are already rights of access across the land for all three houses.

Residents of the FOD are asked to use the allocated parking in the three FOD car parks. This was part of the original vision of the Titleholders.

A Desirable Location

Close by 408 are the spectacular Findhorn Beach and Findhorn Bay, a 15min and 5min walk respectively. Also the Universal Hall is a 5min walk and regularly hosts concerts, theatrical productions and community gatherings. The award winning Phoenix Shop, the Blue Angel café, the award winning Moray Art Centre and the Findhorn pottery are all based at The Park and are short walks from 408.