Making Contact

Making Contact

We invite direct dialogue from interested individuals and families and are not currently using the services of an estate agent.

If you like the sound of 408 Field of Dreams and are a serious buyer, please contact Will Russell via email to register an interest or to request more information.

Please provide Will with a contact phone number or Skype address and your current status which would include

  • Your current position in terms of owning, buying and selling property ie do you need to sell somewhere in order to move, are you a cash buyer, do you need to arrange a mortgage etc?
  • What is your experience of the Findhorn Foundation ie have you already visited/lived here? Please provide a summary of your knowledge or relationship to the Findhorn Foundation.
  • Any additional information about yourselves – names, ages, interests etc. Will Russell

Our Story

The house and the location sound so great don’t they, so if they’re so great why are we leaving?

Living at The Park has been a wonderful experience and we’ll be sorry to leave, but feel called to a more rural setting so we can have a workshop for woodwork, art studio and possibly pottery studio. We think we’ll be in a 4-6 mile radius of The Park, but that remains to be seen!

Since we conceived and built 408 our circumstances have changed and our work has become hugely client facing, so we’re seeking a little more space for the previously mentioned creative spaces, separate to our living space, and a bigger garden.

We never felt as if we were going to be living in 408 long term, so we’re just waiting for the right person to come along and make us an offer, and then we’ll start looking for a place to move to.