House Details and Valuation

Valuing 408
We are looking for offers over £310k.

A current estimate to build an equivalent house with a lower specification would be over £300k based on current eco builds which are averaging around £2k per square metre (408 is 126 square metres plus the first floor deck). The cost of building plots in the local area average between £80-£120k – within the estimate above we include £50k as an approximate value of the land.

The eco houses currently being built in the local Dunelands project are averaging £265k for a lower spec two bedroom terraced house.

We invite those interested in buying 408 to value the following aspects of its manifestation.

WELL BUILT Those who worked on 408 included experienced members of the local Build One eco building company. This core team was joined by local professional tradesmen who supplied the plastering, electrical and plumbing experience and skills needed.

VERSATILE The original intention was for 408 to have a large open plan first floor living space which could double up as a community area if and when needed – to be used for meetings, for yoga classes, for gatherings. The design downstairs is very neutral – four rooms coming off the hall, with storage under the stairs going up to the first floor.

VIEWS There are intentional views from the upstairs rooms, onto the FOD with the windmills in the distance, and onto the FOD with the bay in the distance.

CARBON ZERO 408 is Carbon Zero - one of very few houses which can make this claim! Electricity comes from windmills, water and sewerage come and go via The Living Machine (a reed bed system), and heating comes from solar panels, a wood burning stove, or a wood pellet heater.

THE SPRUNG FLOOR The open plan first floor lounge and dining area has a sprung floor making it ideal for small groups taking part in yoga, dance and other movement.

THE HOME CINEMA There is a also projector in that open plan first floor room secured to the overhead beam, and wiring installed in the walls for surround sound, together with a pull down screen. Ideal for film buffs!

THE LOFT There is no value attached to the loft space in estate agents’ terms, which negates the fact that this space is very special – it’s carpeted, and has two sky lights with blackout blinds. It can be used as a meditation space, a bedroom, an office or something else.

Access is through the upstairs bathroom via a wooden pulldown loft ladder.

THE DECK This is a wonderful space for meditating or just getting a breath of fresh air, with the glass panels it would be possible to have plants – maybe even a herb garden. We always thought it would be nice to have an old leather sofa to sit on, or a swinging chair.

THE SHED The shed was built to a very high specification and is very well insulated, with a window. There is a power supply provided. With a little work it could easily be used as an office or therapy space given its high spec and insulation.

THE GARDEN The north side of the house has an area for seating and a BBQ – this is a good spot for mid and late afternoon sun.

The south side along the road has a grass lawn and small bed of herbs and lettuce – this is a great spot for morning sun.

We have not landscaped the front of the house on purpose so that whoever buys the house can make their own decisions – lay it to grass, have raised beds for veggies, gravel, something else.