Findhorn Community Lifestyle

A Lifestyle

Individuals and families who choose to live within the wider Findhorn Community come from all sorts of backgrounds. The Findhorn Foundation is a self professed spiritual community, education centre and eco-village working in cooperation with nature – and many people are choosing to live in close proximity to the Foundation to be amongst like minded people.

It’s expected that people who choose to live here have a spiritual aspect to their lives – this of course, could be personal semantics as to what individuals believe, but it could be said that we try to live our lives with tolerance, conscience, awareness, goodwill and love. There would probably be as many different definitions as there are people to this – the point here being to make potential buyers of 408 aware of the importance most people living here place on living lives ethically, honestly and lovingly.

Living at The Park at the heart of the Findhorn Foundation affords special access to the beautifully landscaped gardens of the Findhorn Foundation and some facilities such as The Nature Sanctuary for morning Taize singing and meditation, and The Main Sanctuary for morning community meditation.

It would be expected that future owners of 408 who wanted to enjoy these special facilities would take part in an Experience Week and on moving to The Park would join the NFA (the New Findhorn Association) and contribute towards enjoyment of these facilities (suggested membership is around £20 per month).

There are many classes, gatherings and opportunities for making new friends which are open to all – from yoga to T’ai Chi, life drawing to learning about raw food, the young people get together, the elders get together, the whole community gets together – people get together to sing, to dance, to eat, to meditate. 2012 is a very special year as The Findhorn Foundation celebrates its 50 th birthday and there are lots of birthday events happening throughout the year.