The Park, Findhorn, Moray, Scotland


The Park which is where
the Findhorn Foundation’s main campus is

A Special Vision and Design

408 is a totally unique eco-house which has always felt like its own entity – it’s a house with heart and would be a beautiful place for a professional or retired couple or individual, or a family of 3-4 to live. Really, anyone looking to move towards a way of more sustainable living within a village type setting of like minded people, or who would like to make a radical lifestyle change.

The house is a one off design and is built to a high specification of both quality of labour and materials, and is one of just three eco-houses on the Field of Dreams which share facilities and are a wee community, within the larger Field of Dreams community, and within the wider Findhorn Foundation, Park dwellers and general like minded community in the surrounding area.

The house is warm and welcoming on all levels and has prayers written in the foundations and walls. It has a neutral design and décor and is very comfortable and contemporary in feel.

This very special eco-house came into being when synchronicity brought three parties together who joined forces to build what would become known as the ‘Build Three’ houses.

Before the foundations were laid, weekly meetings followed over a three and a half year period between 2002 and 2006 as different options were discussed and researched. We broke ground in April 2007 and moved in, in 2008.

Original Intentions

The original intentions were -

  • To build three eco-houses across two plots of land.
  • To use the most local and environmentally friendly materials available as much as possible.
  • To share materials, service providers, facilities and amenities where possible to save both on building and future running costs.
  • To design the houses themselves without the use of a design architect – using an architect for advice and sign offs when needed.
  • To all work on the project alongside a team of carpenters and builders and to have fun and create a stress free work environment.

Original Ideas

The original ideas were -

  • For the three houses to share a washing machine and laundry room. To have drying racks in the boiler/laundry room and an outside washing line rather than a tumble drier.
  • For the three houses to share a wood pellet heating system as a very cost effective way of heating and hot water.
  • For the three houses to share a look but be individual and unique (the same roofing materials, the same window and door suppliers, the same size and direction of cladding were used).
  • To make the best use of space having three houses on two plots and also being respectful and sensitive to neighbouring properties – this resulted in having a staggered terrace, different colours and two storeys.
  • To make them as energy efficient as possible (each house has its own independent four walls so they are all are detached in a sense, just not in Estate Agent’s terms, but make the most of being set next to each other to conserve energy with the stand alone and separate, but adjoining walls).